Trillium Lakelands District School Board

As-Built CAD Floor Plans (Over 1.5 Million ft2)

2018 - Fire Safety Planning
  • ◉ 19 schools, 1.5 million sqft gross floor area in 5 weeks.
  • ◉ Data collected on-site via laser scanning and converted into 3D point clouds
  • ◉ AutoCAD drawings created by information extracted from point clouds.

AerialBEST was contracted to provide as-built floorplans to be used for creating the new fire-plan drawings prepared by Kirkland Engineering. Imagine the turnaround time of gathering the on-site information the old-fashioned way, hand measuring an entire school. With our laser-scanning unit, we were able to collect all the necessary data without the use of a measuring tape or sketching down on paper.

These drawings are much more important than just fire plans. At the schoolboard’s disposal, they not only have highly accurate 2D floor plans, but building information available indicating wall thicknesses/heights, window locations, doors, stairs, etc. For future projects like renovations, building upgrades, and additions, this documentation will prove very useful by eliminating the need for long, grueling site data collection phases done by the specifier.

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