Queen Street Plaza Elevations

As-Built CAD Elevations

2018 - Building Renovations
  • ◉ 4 Storey application
  • ◉ Data collected on-site via laser scanning and converted into 3D point clouds
  • ◉ AutoCAD drawings created by information extracted from point clouds.

The Queen Street Plaza was due for some exterior upgrades, which means it’s time to put together the technical drawings to begin the design phase. The problem is; the existing building drawings cannot be located, meaning the specifier must go to site to collect the essential building details and start from scratch. When you’re talking about a 4 storey building, that’s not exactly an easy task, especially if you need the accuracy.

The solution is laser scanning each elevation and converting the 3d data into CAD. The drawings are then provided to the specifier who may begin their design without having to spend the time doing the grunt work (site work).

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