Leverage the capabilities of emerging technology to enhance environmental management assessments and programs. Lower cost, quicker turn-around times and accuracy are some of the major benefits of using technologies like drones, LiDAR, photogramettry, photography, videography for site inspections.

Mapping and Topography

From 2D drawings to full 3D models and virtual reality, we can help you gather accurate data and WOW your clients.

Landfill Monitoring

Landfill reports can accurately provide stockpile data to help ensure landfill guidelines are met, and maximum waste loads are not exceeded.

Enhanced Forest Inventories & Forest Management Data

Gain a competitive advantage with better data for planning. Improve woodlot selection, road planning and harvest scheduling using our cutting-edge technologies. Our precision is less than 0.5m for tree location, elevation contours and boundary mapping. Create precise profitable strategies.