Many organizations are still using traditional methods when going through the tendering process. With the development of Photogrammetry & LiDAR known as spacial analytics technologies, it is now possible to reduce the cost and time required for the tendering process.

This provides many benefits from being able to tender projects earlier in the season to having more accurate building models and data.

Evolution of the Tendering Process

Using the latest technologies, AerialBEST provides advanced capabilities to plant managers, architects and engineers.

Challenges with Tendering

  • ◉ Plant managers are responsible for maintaining and managing multiple assets
  • ◉ Government funding approvals may influence timelines for procurement of tender documents & tendering of work
  • ◉ Subtrades availability for specific periods can be significantly reduced based upon tendering activity of other work
  • ◉ Dealing with early year weather conditions can slow procurement of data by specifier
  • ◉ Site visit meeting safety and dealing with rooftop safety regulations, contractors and roof access

Addressing Challenges with Technology

  • ◉ Pro-active management of assets
  • ◉ Saves time for specifiers and asset managers
  • ◉ Option for off-season tendering with no weather limitations
  • ◉ More accurate data
  • ◉ Lower prices
  • ◉ Faster processes
  • ◉ Safety and roof access control

Certified Professionals

New technology is not without its challenges. Privacy and liability concerns are at the forefront of public opinion when it comes to drones. We use certified pilots and are certified by Transport Canada and Nav Canada to fly anywhere in Ontario. Our team is able to address any inquiries or concerns on site and file NOTAM requests before flying any missions.

Tendering Process Timeline

By using technology to gather facility data, you reduce the timeline significantly because tender documents can be prepared early in the year instead of waiting until all the snow is gone. The chart below shows the differences in the existing tender process and our modernized version.

Early Tendering Project Deliverables

  • ◉ Interior Measurements
  • ◉ Roof Plans
  • ◉ Floor Plans
  • ◉ Elevations
  • ◉ Details
  • ◉ Technical Reports
  • ◉ Working Drawing Sets
  • ◉ Renderings
  • ◉ Thermal Analysis
  • ◉ Material Quantities & Estimating
  • ◉ Virtual Site Visits
  • ◉ Secure Document Management & Sharing