How Drones Help with Accurate Landfill Reporting

Landfill growth can be accurately quantified using our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services. Baseline data collected can be compared to future flight data determining landfill progress and anticipated date of maximum capacity. Using aerial data collection, we can provide high quality data in a safe, timely manner at a competitive price.

The AerialBEST analysis service provides data that can be easily compiled into reports and referenced in presentations to the government, clients and consultants.

As facilitators of data our goal is to provide accurate information based on client requirements for assisting in landfill management strategies and assessing the effectiveness of waste diversion programs.

UAV analysis can be used to:

  • ◉ Calculate volume of landfill
  • ◉ Determine slopes of waste piles
  • ◉ Generate topographic maps
  • ◉ Create watershed information
  • ◉ Estimate annual waste volume
  • ◉ Assess effectiveness of waste diversion programs
  • ◉ Acquire images and video for visual inspections
  • Volume Calculation
  • Landfill Mapping
  • 360° Video
  • Aerial
  • Watershed