What is UAV & LiDAR Building Scanning?

UAV & LiDAR scans are a fast, cost effective and safe method to gather information on building or infrastructure conditions.

Our drone solution includes 4K high resolution images and video, which are used to produce scalable and accurate orthomosaic maps for a true overhead view of the target area. The quality of the images captured enables zooming for a closer look at points of interest. This application is optimal for gathering information on roofs, towers, bridges, and other hard to reach areas.

Our laser scanning (LiDAR) solution is able to not only gather exterior building data, but the interior as well. This versatile instrument can be used in construction, civil, and architectural applications to extract critical building information at a +/-3mm accuracy. The collected data forms a digital representation of your building, allowing the user to measure, quantify, and create highly accurate as-built technical drawings and BIM documentation. This service is the foundation to the “Scan to BIM” process.

The AerialBEST analysis service provides data that can be easily compiled into reports and referenced in presentations to clients and consultants.

UAV analysis Can Detect

  • ◉ Roof Leaks and Water Egress
  • ◉ Missing Flashing or Assembly Details
  • ◉ Damaged or Displaced Waterproofing
  • ◉ Deteriorated or Aging Infrastructure
  • ◉ Maintenance Issues
  • ◉ Workmanship Quality Control and Progress
  • Point of Interest Images
  • Thermal
  • 360° Video
  • Aerial
  • Thermal
  • Scan to
  • LiDAR