Collecting data on buildings and infrasture has never been faster or more efficient. Using the latest technologies including architectural and civil software, drones, photogrammetry (High Resolution Photography) and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), our team is able to create highly accurate 3D building models, virtual reality walk-throughs, floor plans, elevations, roof plans, reflected ceiling plans, topographic maps, site plans, etc... There are many reasons to use our services to collect your data: more accurate models for decision making, cost-effective, faster project timelines, and earlier tendering are some of the most appreciated benefits of our clients.

Building Information Modelling

From 2D drawings to full 3D models and virtual reality, we can help you gather accurate data and WOW your clients.

Early Tendering Package

Tendering early is a great way to save money for your clients and ensure your projects are completed on time. We facititate specifiers tendering roofing/exterior jobs in January-February, when there is still snow on the ground.

Building Scanning

Need to diagnose building problems or infrastructure issues? Our team can efficiently collect the data required to assess the situation using our cutting-edge technologies.

Thermal Maps and Images

Building envelope performance is critical to energy efficiency. Our thermal services are perfect to assist specifiers in determining building energy efficiency and locatingthermal leaks.